Stock Up on These 11 Goods for Better Sleep

CBD gummies, essential oils, and a silk pillowcase may help you get the shut-eye you desire

Whether you’re dealing with the stresses of everyday life or experiencing health troubles such as insomnia or chronic pain, sleep can be hard to come by at times. Products infused with CBD or essential oils have become popular aids to unwind. Working these products into your nightly routine may well help you get better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.


1. Kitsch Mulberry Sleep Mask, $34, at Bird Bee, 1228 Griswold St., Detroit; 313-315-3070; 2. Kitsch Sleep Ritual Silk Pillowcase, $68, at Bird Bee
3. Therapedic Trucool Memory Foam Pillow, $70, at Bed Bath & Beyond; for locations 4. Sharper Image Aromatherapy Diffuser, $49, at Sharper Image; 5. Ella Jane 20-Pound Weighted Blanket, $129, at Bed Bath & Beyond 6. Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment, $59, at Sephora; for locations 7. Now Essential Oils, Lavender, $13-$35, at GNC; for locations 8. CBD Oil with Peppermint and Avocado, $60, at My Natural CBD; 9. Marpac Noise Diffuser, $50, at Yoga Sleep; 10. Dr. Teal’s Epson Salt Sooth & Sleep 48 oz, $5.50, at Bed Bath & Beyond
11. CBD Gummies Sour Bears, 10 mg each, $50 for 30, at Medix CBD;

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