Earlier this month, Hour Media announced a new initiative here in Michigan and around the country called #OpenForBusiness. The goal of this promotional effort is to encourage consumers to support local businesses as the country reopens.

Reopening our local economies and protecting public health are not mutually exclusive. We can and must do both. Safely supporting businesses in your community is an essential step toward reigniting our economy and getting people back to work. Each dollar you spend locally will have an amplifier effect, helping to restore jobs and get even more businesses back on track.

For many businesses, being #OpenForBusiness could mean one thing today and something different tomorrow. It could mean offering curbside pickup now, and then opening with some social distancing restrictions later. Our hope is that this campaign will make it easier for you to know how best to support your favorite establishments from day to day.

As your city magazine for more than 20 years, Hour Detroit has often recognized the best of what our region has to offer. There may never have been a time when such recognition by all of us was more important than it is right now.

Please keep an eye out for the hashtag on your favorite social media platforms and join the campaign with posts of your own — don’t forget to tag our account, too. And please be sure to show your support for the many local businesses that are now #OpenForBusiness.

John Balardo – President Hour Media 

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