Briggs Stadium

The Way It Was – Briggs Stadium, 1958

Briggs Stadium, 1958
Trowbridge Home

The Way It Was – The Charles Christopher Trowbridge Home, 1955

The Charles Christopher Trowbridge Home, 1955
George Shirley

The Way It Was – George Shirley, 1966

George Shirley, 1966

The Way It Was – Nash Metropolitan, 1958

When the Nash Metropolitan debuted on American roads in 1954, it turned a lot of heads. Autos made in the United States back then were often as big as boats, but the peppy Metropolitan was downright dinky by comparison.
Hudson’s Northland

The Way It Was – Hudson’s Northland in Southfield, 1956

1956, Hudson's Northland in Southfield

The Way It Was – Aretha Franklin, 1980

When it came to crossing musical boundaries, Aretha Franklin (1942-2018) covered more territory than Lewis and Clark.
TWIW Better Made Chips

The Way It Was – Better Made Snack Foods, 1971

Crrrrunch! Countless Detroiters have emitted that satisfying sound after tearing into a sunflower-yellow bag of Better Made potato chips.
TWIW The Leland Hotel

The Way It Was – The Leland Hotel, 1940

Detroit’s grandest hotels have all experienced rough patches. The Tuller and Statler never pulled through and were razed, while the Book-Cadillac and Fort Shelby were abandoned for decades before being refurbished.
TWIW Cadillac Coffee Co

The Way It Was – Cadillac Coffee Co., 1937

In the pantheon of the famous Detroit food and beverage manufacturers, Cadillac Coffee Co. doesn’t have the same brand recognition as Stroh’s, Vernor’s, Vlasic, Kowalski, Sanders, Better Made, Awrey’s, or Faygo, but Cadillac has roots that reach back 130 years, to 1888.
Womens Swim Team

The Way It Was – Detroit Yacht Club’s Women’s Swim Team, 1929

To some, the summer pursuit of “going swimming” means simply lolling about in the water, floating on one’s back, or perhaps ensconced in an inner tube, quaffing a potent libation.

The Way It Was – Crowley’s Mezzanine Tea Room, 1941

In our casual, sometimes downright shabby culture, it’s difficult to imagine a time when people gussied up before going out to dinner, lunch, or even tea.
Ginsburg Branch, Detroit Public Library

The Way It Was – Ginsburg Branch, Detroit Public Library, 1916

The Ginsburg branch, named after Detroit Public Library board member Bernard Ginsburg, who was also a successful businessman and philanthropist of Jewish charities, opened in 1916 at 91 Brewster St.
The Way It Was - The Detroit Club

The Way it Was – The Detroit Club, 1937

The Detroit Club may stand just four stories high, but it commands a towering presence in the city’s history. The Romanesque Revival private club at Cass and Fort in downtown Detroit, opened its doors in 1892 but its founding dates to a decade before.